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    • 7 November 2012 - News of the World Is Tunisia really a model after the Arab Spring?

      — Monica Gazzola

      Tunisia, the country where human rights standards were the highest in the Maghreb region, is now confronting with the challenge of building a modern, democratic society maintaining its Islamic roots. There are signs of a move in an increasingly Islamic direction, in the political-institutional environment and in some levels in the society, although the majority of people oppose these moves at both levels. Many refer to Tunisia as the leading country in the aftermath of the Revolution, because of its primacy in starting last years protests, in holding democratic elections, in having an overall institutional structure devoted to the guarantee and defence of human rights and the establishment of transitional justice mechanisms. The current political turmoil highlights unresolved tensions that the Revolution has unveiled and issues that must be solved to make any transitional justice effort fruitful.  Continue »

      27 July 2012 - News of the World The night of Syria: views from Brussels

      — Monica Gazzola

      If we look at the map “The night of Syria” published by Mapping the World, we see death rates, military bases, sectarian divisions and bombs on cities. I have always wondered what other eyes could see on such a map, in particular the eyes of politicians and decision-makers. That’s why I have asked them. I had the opportunity to talk extensively with Raimon Obiols, a Member of the European Parliament (EP); Mr Obiols is also member of the Subcommittee on Human Rights, of the Commission on Foreign Affairs, of the Delegation to Mashreq Countries and of the Delegation to the Parliamentary (...) Continue »

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    Brasile: Potenza agricola o ambientale?

    Vent’anni dopo il primo Vertice della Terra, tenutosi a Rio de Janeiro nel 1992, i governi di tutto il mondo torneranno a Rio nel giugno del 2012 per un nuovo summit sullo sviluppo sostenibile. Alla vigilia di questo evento, e a poco più di un anno dalla elezione di Dilma Rousseff alla presidenza della nuova potenza sudamericana, la questione ambientale è tornata al centro del dibattito politico nazionale per effetto anche di sempre maggiori critiche e proteste da parte di gruppi e movimenti sociali contro la direzione "ruralista" del nuovo governo brasiliano, accusato di compromettere drammaticamente l’agenda ambientale del governo Lula.

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    Book Reviews

    A. Langer, Pacifismo concreto. La guerra in ex Jugoslavia e i conflitti etnici, Roma, Edizioni dell’Asino, 2010

    The title of this book clarifies Langer’s vision of making peace: it is not a “supportive” pacifism, wept and prayed, full of demonstrations and slogans but weak on analysis, content, and proposals; and it is not a "dogmatic" pacifism either. Langer sought and practiced a concrete pacifism with real partners aimed to develop the ideas of coexistence, cooperation, and relations reconstruction during his whole political history and his own life.

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    Edizione 2012. "Rivoluzione in Medio Oriente". Di Dominique Vidal

    Giunti alla loro settima edizione, i Seminari di Le Monde diplomatique, organizzati ogni anno a Bologna, hanno visto la partecipazione, dal 23 al 25 maggio 2012, di Dominique Vidal, storico e giornalista. Tra gli argomenti discussi: "Quando il mondo cambia"; "Primo bilancio delle Intifade arabe"; "Il movimento nazionale palestinese tra due strategie"; "Israele, o la tentazione del suicidio"; "«Man bassa» su Gerusalemme".

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